Create CSS Transitions When Switching Between Pages – swup

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Create CSS Transitions When Switching Between Pages – swup


The swup JavaScript library lets you apply custom CSS transitions to pages when switching between them. Supports preload, page cache, and event handlers.

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Basic usage:

Install the swup library.

$ npm install swup --save

Import the swup library.

import Swup from 'swup'

Initialize the swup library and we’re ready to go.

const swup = new Swup()

Add the class ‘swup’ to the main content of your webpage.

<main id="swup">
  Main content here

Add an animation class to the wrapper element.

<div class="animation-class">
  <main id="swup">
    Main content here

Apply your own transition effects to the page.

.animation-class {
  /* default animation rules */
} .animation-class {
  /* CSS styles when animating  */
} .animation-class {
  /* CSS styles when changing  */
} .animation-class {
  /* CSS styles when leaving  */
} .animation-class {
  /* CSS styles when rendering  */

All default config options.

const swup = new Swup({
      cache: true,
      animationSelector: '[class^="a-"]',
      elements: ['#swup'],
      pageClassPrefix: '',
      debugMode: false,
      scroll: true,
      preload: true,
      support: true,
      disableIE: false,

      animateScrollToAnchor: false,
      animateScrollOnMobile: false,
      doScrollingRightAway: false,
      scrollDuration: 0,

      LINK_SELECTOR: 'a[href^="/"]:not([data-no-swup]), a[href^="#"]:not([data-no-swup]), a[xlink\\:href]'


v1.9.0 (01/07/2019)

  • make preloadPage method return Promise

v1.7.18 (01/07/2018)

  • fix querySelectorAll issue in form handler and destroy method

v1.7.17 (12/17/2018)

  • fix swup getting stuck by errors inside of handlers defined with on method

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