Display A Popup When Users Are About To Leave Your Page – Bioep.js

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Display A Popup When Users Are About To Leave Your Page – Bioep.js


Bioep.js is a JavaScript exit intent popup library that automatically displays a highly customizable popup window when a visitor is about to navigate away from your webpage.

The library tracks visitor mouse movements and initiates a popup when the cursor moves outside the upper page boundary – a clear sign of exit intent. It utilizes cookies to control when your exit popup appears, with optional expiry date functionality.

How to use it:

1. Download and import the minified version of the Bioep.js library into the document.

<script src="js/bioep.min.js"></script>

2. Initialize the Bioep.js and add your content to the exit intent popup.

  html: '<div id="content">This is a simple exit intent popup</div>',

3. Avvailable options to customize the exit intent popup.

  // width/height of the popup
  width: 400,
  height: 220,
  // HTML content for the popup
  html: "",
  // popup CSS styles here
  css: "",
  // font family
  fonts: [],
  // track exit intent and trigger the popup after 5 seconds
  delay: 5,
  // show the popup after an X second delay
  showOnDelay: false,
  // 30 days
  cookieExp: 30,
  // only show the popup once per browser session.
  showOncePerSession: false,
  // callback
  onPopup: null,

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