Get Tints & Shades Of Colors – Reshader

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Get Tints & Shades Of Colors – Reshader


Reshader is a lightweight and customizable color palette generator that provides a function to extract the shades of a color you specify.

How to use it:

Download & Install:

# Yarn
$ yarn add reshader

$ npm install reshader --save

Or directly download and insert the ‘reshader.js’ into the html file.

<script src="dist/reshader.js"></script>

Pass the color code as the first parameter to the ‘reshader’ function and done. Color formats supported:

  • Hex
  • RGB
  • HSL
reshader('rgb(22,160,133)  ')
reshader('hsl(168, 75.8%, 35.7%)')

Default configuration options.

reshader('#16A085', {
  numberOfVariations: 5,
  contrastRatio: 0.1,
  outputModel: 'hex',
  shouldIgnoreRepeated: false,
  shouldIgnoreWhites: false,
  shouldIgnoreBlacks: false

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