Integer Range Merging With simplify-ranges JavaScript Library

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Integer Range Merging With simplify-ranges JavaScript Library


simplify-ranges JavaScript Library takes an array of integer ranges and merges any adjacent or overlapping ranges together, returning a simplified array of ranges.

This can help clean up complex range logic and make your code more readable and maintainable. For example, you could use it to merge date ranges, numeric ID ranges, or pagination ranges.

How to use it:

1. Install and import the simplify-ranges.

$ npm i simplify-ranges
import simplifyRanges from 'simplify-ranges';

2. simplify-ranges  loops through the input ranges, comparing each range to the previous one. If the current lower bound is less than or equal to the previous upper bound, the ranges overlap, and are merged into a new, simplified range.

const ranges = [
  [1, 3],
  [3, 4],
  [2, 5],
//=> [[1, 5]]

3. Determine whether to separate two-number ranges into individual ranges. Default: false.

simplifyRanges(ranges, {

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