Minimal JavaScript Chat Bot Framework – BotUI

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Minimal JavaScript Chat Bot Framework – BotUI


BotUI is a lightweight and easy-to-customize JavaScript chat bot library that helps you create conversation chats using vue.js.


$ npm install botui

Basic usage:

Include the basic stylesheet and a theme CSS of your choice on the webpage.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="botui.min.css">
<link rel="stylesheet" href="botui-theme-default.css">

Include the needed Vue.js library and the BotUI’s JavaScript file at the bottom of the webpage.

<script src="vue.min.js"></script>
<script src="botui.min.js"></script>

Create the html for the Botui.

<div class="botui-app-container" id="hello-world">

The JavaScript to show a ‘Hello World’ message on the screen.

var botui = new BotUI('hello-world');
  content: 'Hello World from bot!'
}).then(function () { // wait till previous message has been shown.
    delay: 1000,
    human: true,
    content: 'Hello World from human!'


/* Message object:
  delay: 0, // wait before showing the message. in milliseconds.
  type: 'text', // either 'text' or 'embed'
  content: '', // Should be a URL if type is 'embed', text otherwise.
  human: false, // should be shown aligned to right side?
  cssClass: '', // a string or array of custom CSS classes you want to be added.
// adds a message
// or
// adds a message and sets the human to true
// accepts an index of message.
// updates a message
botui.message.update(index, message)
// removes a message from UI.
// removes all the messages
/* Action object:
  type: 'text', // either 'text' or 'button',
  action: [], // array of 'button' objects if type is 'button'. object of 'text' otherwise.
  cssClass: '', // a string or array of custom CSS classes you want to be added.
  autoHide: true, // should the actions sections be hidden when submitted.
  addMessage: true // text from action is added as a message in UI from human side.
/* Text object:
  size: 30, // size of the input to show. Relies on HTML size attribute for input elements.
  sub_type: '', // Could be any of the valid types for HTML input elements. e.g.: number, tel, time, date, email, etc.
  value: '', // pre-populates the text field. Only for 'text' type.
  placeholder: 'Write here ..', // Sets the placeholder text for the input element.
/* Button object:
  icon: '', // icon to show in button.
  text: '', // Text to show in the button. be creative!
  value: '', // this is how you will identify the button when result is returned.
  cssClass: '' // a string or array of custom CSS classes you want to be added.
/* Result object:
  type: '', // 'Text' or 'Button' Type of the action it was returned from.
  value: '', // Text in the input in case type is 'text'. If type is 'button' then its the same as 'value' in button object.
  text: '' // only present if type of message is 'button'. same as the 'text' in button object.
// shows the action section
// hides the action section
// shows the action section and sets the action type to text
// shows the action section and sets the action type to button

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