Mobile-first CSS Only Loader Library – loadme

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Mobile-first CSS Only Loader Library – loadme


loadme is a pure CSS library which provides a collection of well-designed and CSS3 animated loaders for your mobile web applications. Fully customizable via LESS.

Loaders included:

  1. circular
  2. rotateplane
  3. cubeGrid
  4. circleBounce
  5. loadmeRect
  6. cube
  7. scaleout
  8. dot
  9. bounced
  10. circlePoint
  11. fadingCircle
  12. foldingCube
  13. love
  14. clock

Install the loadme via package managers:

npm install loadme
# Bower
bower install loadme

How to use it:

Import the loadme.css file into your document’s head section.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="loadme.css">

Create a circular loader on the page.

<div class="loadme-circular"></div>

If you’d like display a background overlay when the loader is active:

<div class="loadme-circular"></div>
<div class="loadme-mask"></div>

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