Lightweight Mobile App Navigation System – mmenu-light

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Lightweight Mobile App Navigation System – mmenu-light


mmenu-light is a light version of the mmenu plugin that makes it easier to create off-canvas hamburger navigation just like the native mobile app.

No dependencies, no extensions, no addons. Easy to implement a pretty clean and mobile-friendly navigation system in your web app just in a minute.

How to use it:

Import the stylesheet mmenu-light.css and JavaScript mmenu-light.js into the HTML.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="./dist/mmenu-light.css" />
<script src="./dist/mmenu-light.js"></script>

Create an anchor link for the hamburger toggle button.

<a href="#menu"><span></span></a>

Create a multi-level off-canvas menu from nested HTML lists.

<nav id="menu">
    <li class="Selected"><a href="#">Home</a></li>
    <li><span>About us</span>
        <li><a href="#about/history">History</a></li>
        <li><span>The team</span>
            <li><a href="#about/team/management">Management</a></li>
            <li><a href="#about/team/sales">Sales</a></li>
            <li><a href="#about/team/development">Development</a></li>
        <li><a href="#about/address">Our address</a></li>
    <li><a href="#contact">Contact</a></li>

Initialize the off-canvas navigation. Possible options:

  • element: target element.
  • mediaQuery:  media queries to enable the navigation. Default: all.
const menu = new MmenuLight( document.querySelector( '#menu' ), 'all');

Create a fixed navigation bar. Possible options:

  • selectedClass: CSS class of selected item
  • slidingSubmenus: use sliding submenus
  • theme: ‘dark’ or ‘light’
  • title: menu title
var navigator = menu.navigation({
    // selectedClass: 'Selected',
    // slidingSubmenus: true,
    // theme: 'dark',
    // title: 'Menu'

Activate the off-canvas navigation. Possible options:

  • position: ‘left’ or ‘right’
var drawer = menu.offcanvas({
    // position: 'left'

Enable the hamburger button to toggle the off-canvas navigation.

document.querySelector( 'a[href="#menu"]' )
.addEventListener( 'click', evnt => {

Open a panel in the navigation.

  menu.querySelector( "ul" );

Open/close the navigation.;


v3.2.1 (11/13/2022)

  • Updates

v3.2.0 (09/12/2022)

  • Updates

v3.1.1 (03/03/2022)

  • CSS fix

v3.1.0 (02/05/2022)

  • removed IE11 support

v3.0.9 (06/21/2021)

  • updates

v3.0.8 (01/17/2021)

  • updates

v3.0.7 (07/20/2020)

  • updates

v3.0.5 (06/25/2020)

  • prevent default in passive listener fix

v3.0.4 (06/13/2020)

  • passive event listener

v3.0.3 (03/17/2020)

  • vertical submenus fix

v3.0.2 (01/12/2020)

  • reinstated the esm files

v3.0.1 (12/25/2019)

  • Rewrote the plugin.
  • Split up functionality into off-canvas and navigate add-ons.
  • Removed events in favor of mutation observer.

v2.3.1 (09/15/2019)

  • Fixed for IE11.

v2.3.0 (09/14/2019)

  • vertical submenus + IE11 support

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4 thoughts on “Lightweight Mobile App Navigation System – mmenu-light

  1. Mael

    “1:2107 error Parsing error: Unexpected token =” Error when deploy to firestore

  2. Desta_tw

    Very useful, and works well. it was a bit confusing at first but finally installed perfectly. thank you.

  3. Isaac

    How am I gonna set the anchor link/ hamburger Icon as it will close the off-canvas menu . After opening the off-canvas menu I can’t close it with the anchor tag that I just clicked to open that off-canvas menu. But I have to close it clicking anywhere outside of that off-canvas menu content


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