Pure JavaScript Library For Lazy Loading Images – lazyload.js

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Pure JavaScript Library For Lazy Loading Images – lazyload.js


lazyload.js is a stand-alone JavaScript library for lazy loading images without any dependencies. It supports the srcset attribute and with and takes best advantage from the progressive JPEG image format.

Basic Usage:

Load the lazyload.js JavaScript library at the end of your document.

<script src="path/to/lazyload.js"></script>

Insert your images into the document using data-original attribute instead of src.

<img alt="Alt 1" data-src="1.jpg" width="200" height="200">
<img alt="Alt 2" data-src="2.jpg" width="200" height="200">
<img alt="Alt 3" data-src="3.jpg" width="200" height="200">

Initialize the lazy load functionality on your images with one JS call.

new LazyLoad();

Available options with default values.

// image selector
elements_selector: "img",

// parent container
container: window,

// the distance out of the viewport
threshold: 300,

// different thresholds
thresholds: null,

// data-src
data_src: "src",

// data-srcset
data_srcset: "srcset",

// date-sizes
data_sizes: "sizes",

// multiple background images
data_bg: "bg",

// default classes
class_loading: "loading",
class_loaded: "loaded",
class_error: "error",

// the time (in milliseconds) each image needs to stay inside the viewport before its loading begins.
load_delay: 0,

// callbacks
callback_load: null,
callback_set: null,
callback_set: null,
callback_enter: null

API methods.

// update the LazyLoad

// force loading any element

// load all images

// destroy the LazyLoad


v10.20.0 (02/09/2019)

  • Improved WebP detection to work correctly on Firefox too
  • Added the ability to know when all images have been downloaded through the callback_finish callback
  • Added the file demos/print.html to demo how to print lazy images


  • v10.18: Added the ability to have multiple background images, through a new data_bg option.-in-javascript


  • v10.17: Added a new thresholds option that you can use when you need to have different thresholds for the scrolling area, so a single threshold option is not enough for your needs.


  • v10.16: Added new option load_delay to skip loading when fast scrolling occurs. Pass in a number of milliseconds, and each image will be loaded after it stayed inside that viewport for that time.


  • v10.13: Shortened the RegEx for crawlers detection


  • v10.10: Added a public load method to force loading any element.


  • v10.9: Added the ability to lazily set the sizes attribute via a data-sizes attribute.


  • v10.8: Added a public loadAll method to force loading all the images


  • v10.5.2: Added a security check on lazy elements’ parents.

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