Simple Move And Scroll Animations With JavaScript – pallet-animate

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Simple Move And Scroll Animations With JavaScript – pallet-animate


The pallet-animate JavaScript library provides smooth and performant move and scroll animations on DOM elements.

More Examples:

How to use it:

Download and link to the pallet-animate library.

<script src="pallet-animate.js"></script>

The JavaScript to move an element relative to its container. The specified element must have a position set to either relative, absolute, or fixed. Good for carousels. Available parameters:

  • identifier: required
  • direction: required
  • next: OPTIONAL Function to be called when done.
  • step: OPTIONAL Step size for animation interval (controls speed).
  • distance: OPTIONAL number of pixels to move, defaults to width or height of the parent element for horizontal or vertical movements respectively.
  • index: OPTIONAL If a non-unique identifier is passed use this as the index to use. Defaults to 0.
ptanimate.move(identifier, direction, callback, step, distance, index)

The JavaScript to add/remove Class based on the location of an element.

  • threshold: threshold number of change vertical value
  • identifier: required
  • classname: required
  • mobileDisable: if true will not call function is screen size is of mobile width
ptanimate.scroll(threshold, identifier, classname, mobileDisable)



  • Added pause

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