Text Typing / Deleting Animations In Native JavaScript – Native Typed

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Text Typing / Deleting Animations In Native JavaScript – Native Typed


Native Typed is a zero-dependency JavaScript library used to generatetext typing / deleting animation mimicking human typing behavior.

Supports loop mode which enables you to generate a text rotator for looping through an array of text you specify.

How to use it:

Install the Native Typed via NPM:

npm install native-typed --save

Or directly include the JavaScript file in your document.

<script src="dist/native-typed.js"></script>

Define an array of text you want to print in the container ‘#demo’.

<div id="demo"></div>
new NTyped(document.querySelector('#demo'), {
    strings: ['JavaScript', 'CSS And CSS3', 'HTML5'],

Config the animation with the following settings.

new NTyped(document.querySelector('#demo'), {
    strings: ['This is a typing animation!', 'You can also add your own sentences', 'So go do it!'],
    // show cursor
    showCursor: true,
    cursorChar: '|',
    // infinite loop
    loop: true,
    // animation options
    startDelay: 500,
    backDelay: 500,
    typeSpeed: 0,
    deleteSpeed: 0,
    // CSS classes
    classes: {
      cursor: 'title__cursor'


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