Tiny Terminal Emulator – termynal.js

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Tiny Terminal Emulator – termynal.js


termynal.js is a lightweight, standalone JavaScript library that adds an animated, configurable terminal to your web application.

Has support for ‘async’ function and ‘await’ expression.

Basic usage:

Include the termynal’s stylesheet to style the terminal.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="termynal.css">

Create a termynal container with the data-termynal attribute and termynal ID,  and then config the terminal with the following ‘data’ attributes:

  • data-ty-typeDelay: delay between each typed character
  • data-ty-lineDelay: delay between each typed line
  • data-ty-startDelay: delay before typing
  • data-ty-prompt: prompt style
  • data-ty-progressChar: character to use for progress bar
  • data-ty-progressLength: number of characters displayed as progress bar
  • data-ty-cursor: character to use for blinking cursor
<div id="termynal" data-termynal data-ty-typeDelay="40" data-ty-lineDelay="700">
  <span data-ty="input" data-ty-prompt="▲">npm uninstall react</span>
  <span data-ty>Are you sure you want to uninstall 'react'?</span>
  <span data-ty="input" data-ty-typeDelay="1000" data-ty-prompt="(y/n)">y</span>
  <span data-ty="progress" data-ty-progressChar="·"></span>
  <span data-ty>Uninstalled 'react'</span>
  <span data-ty="input" data-ty-prompt="▲">node</span>
  <span data-ty="input" data-ty-prompt=">">Array(5).fill('? ')</span>
  <span data-ty>['?', '?', '?', '?', '?']</span>
  <span data-ty="input" data-ty-prompt="▲">cd ~/repos</span>
  <span data-ty="input" data-ty-prompt="▲ ~/repos"> git checkout branch master</span>
  <span data-ty="input" data-ty-prompt="▲ ~/repos (master)">git commit -m "Fix things"</span>

Include the main JavaScript at the bottom of the webpage. Done.

<script src="termynal.js" data-termynal-container="#termynal"></script>

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