Touch-enabled Drag/Rotate/Resize/Snap Library – subjx

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Touch-enabled Drag/Rotate/Resize/Snap Library – subjx


subjx is a JavaScript library which enables touch-friendly rotate, resize, and drag’n’drop functionalities on HTML elements and/or SVG objects.

How to use it:

Download & unzip the package and load the necessary JavaScript and CSS files from the dist folder.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="./dist/style/subjx.css" />
<script src="./dist/js/subjx.js"></script>

Enable the drag, resize, rotate on an element you specify.

const myInstance = Subjx('.myElement').drag({

  // parent container
  container: '#container',

  // snap to grid
  snap: {
    x: 20,
    y: 20,
    angle: 45

  // enable/disable behaviors
  each: {
    move: true,
    resize: true, 
    rotate: true

  // fired on drop
  drop(e, el) {


Clone the element.

const myInstance = Subjx('.myElement').clone({

  // dropping area
  stack: 'selector',

  // set clone parent
  appendTo: 'selector',

  // additional CSS styles
  style: {
    border: '1px dashed green',
    background: 'transparent'

  // fired on drop
  drop(e, el) {



  • v0.1.7: fix: tc/bc handles wrong behavior

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