Touch-enabled Image Viewer In Pure JavaScript – view-bigimg

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Touch-enabled Image Viewer In Pure JavaScript – view-bigimg


view-bigimg is a JavaScript library which displays your image in a lightbox popup, with the capability of touch-friendly image zooming and image panning.

How to use it:

Import the view-bigimg’s JavaScript and Stylesheet into the html document.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="/lib/view-bigimg.css">
<script src="/lib/view-bigimg.js"></script>

Initialize the image viewer and we’re ready to go.

var viewer = new ViewBigimg()

Insert the small version of your image into the webpage.

<div id='wrap'>
  <img src="images/demo.jpg" alt="image">

Enable the image viewer on all the images inside the container ‘wrap’.

var wrap = document.getElementById('wrap')
wrap.onclick = function (e) {
  if ( === 'IMG') {
    //'.jpg', '-big.jpg'))



  • fix isPassive bug

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