Add Custom Context Menus To Any HTML Element – vanilla-context-menu

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Add Custom Context Menus To Any HTML Element – vanilla-context-menu


A context menu is a feature of many applications. It’s a listing of options that appears on right-click. That usually provides some additional functions to process the thing that was right-clicked.

vanilla-context-menu is a simple JavaScript library that easily adds custom context menus to any HTML elements. This is a vanilla JS approach that doesn’t depend on other libraries and frameworks.

How to use it:

1. Install and import the vanilla-context-menu.

$ npm i vanilla-context-menu
import VanillaContextMenu from 'vanilla-context-menu';
// Browser
<script src="/path/to/dist/vanilla-context-menu.js"></script>

2. Define your menu items in a JS array as follows:

const myMenu = [
      label: 'Copy',
      callback: () => {
        console.log('Option 1 was clicked');
      'hr', // separator
        label: 'Option 2',
        iconClass: null, // custom icon
        iconHTML: null, // custom icon
        callback: anotherFunction,
        preventCloseOnClick: false,
        nestedMenu: [], // sub-menus
      // ...

3. Initialize the library and attach the context menu to the element you specify.

const myContextMenu = new window.VanillaContextMenu({
      scope: document.querySelector('#container'),
      menuItems: myMenu,

4. Optional settings:

const myContextMenu = new window.VanillaContextMenu({
      // required
      scope: document.querySelector('#container'),
      menuItems: myMenu,
      // optional
      customClass: '',
      customThemeClass: '',
      preventCloseOnClick: false,
      transitionDuration: 200,
      theme: 'black', // or 'white'
      normalizePosition: true, // If true, the position of the contextmenu is bound to the scope. Otherwise the left top corner of the contextmenu is bound to the mouse position.

5. Close the menu manually.


6. Update options.



v1.6.0 (09/21/2023)

  • feat(api): close context-menu

v1.4.2 (12/15/2022)

  • Update

v1.4.0 (11/11/2022)

  • feat(nested-menu): implement nested menu

v1.3.0 (09/20/2022)

  • Add a new property for MenuItem to display an icon as an HTML string. The HTML will be sanitized internally using DOMPurify.

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