Weird CSS3 Animation Library – Woah.css

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Weird CSS3 Animation Library – Woah.css


The Woah.css library enables you to apply eccentric, fun and showy CSS3 powered animations to html elements. Similar to the Animate.css, the library is dead simple to use and easy to extend.

How to use it:

Just import the ‘woah.css’ stylesheet into the document and done.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="woah.css">

Add the necessary ‘woah’ class and an animation class of your choice to your element. Available animations:

  1. wowzors
  2. comeInStyle
  3. rotateComplex
  4. rotateComplexOut
  5. flyOut
  6. flyIn
  7. blackMirror
  8. blackMirrorTextVersion
  9. spin3D
  10. simpleEntrance
  11. scaleOut
  12. starWars
  13. blazingStar
  14. blazingStarText
  15. fadeIn
  16. pulse
  17. shaker
  18. More will be coming soon.
<h1 class="woah wowzors">Hello World!</h1>

Make the animation infinitely looping.

<h1 class="woah wowzors infinite">Hello World!</h1>

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