Auto Number Formatter With Pure JavaScript – Finput

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Auto Number Formatter With Pure JavaScript – Finput


Finput is a pure JS library that automatically formats numerical values and prevents invaid keys for your currency/money inputs.

How to use it:

Just include the Finput library on the webpage and you’re ready to go.

<script src="finput.min.js"></script>

Attach the Finput to the target input field as follow:

<input type="text" id="finput-default">
var finputDefault = document.getElementById('finput-default');

Possible options to customize the Finput.

  // Maximum number of decimal digits
  scale: 2,
  // The possible range of values
  // 'ALL': Number can take any value
  // 'POSITIVE': Number can only be positive
  range: n.RANGE.ALL,
  // If true, after focus is lost value is formatted to scale number of decimal places
  fixed: true,
  // The character used to separate thousands
  thousands: ",",
  // The character used for the decimal point
  decimal: ".",
  // An object mapping of shortcuts that the user can use to quickly enter common values.
  shortcuts: {
      k: 1e3,
      m: 1e6,
      b: 1e9
  // Callback
  invalidKeyCallback: function() {}



  • Bugfixed


  • Have values match initial values when all input deleted


  • fix: prevent setRawValue to convert 0 to empty string

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