7 Best Range Slider Replacement Libraries For 2019

This is a unique and up-to-date list of 10 best JavaScript libraries (plugins) to replace, beautify, and enhance the default browser range slider (Input Range Object) with ease. Have fun.

Originally Published Mar 02 2018, updated Jan 08, 2019.

1. multirange


Demo Download

multirange is a tiny JavaScript polyfill for HTML5 ‘multiple’ range input, with support for Keyboard accessible and customizable slider / handle styles.

2. rangeSlider

Responsive & Touch-enabled Range Slider In Vanilla JavaScript - rangeSlider

Demo Download

rangeSlider is a pure Vanilla JavaScript library that convert regular Html5 range inputs into responsive, mobile-friendly range slider UI controls.

3. jsr

Feature-rich Range Slider With Pure JavaScript – jsr

Demo Download

jsr is a simple, lightweight JavaScript plugin that helps you create accessible, performant, mobile-friendly, highly customizable range slider for numeric values.

4. Fluid Range Slider Input With JS And CSS3

Fluid Range Slider Input With JS And CSS3

Demo Download

A JavaScript/CSS based slider control that converts the normal range input into a fancy fluid range slider.

5. gRanger

Minimal Range Slider Control In Vanilla JavaScript – gRanger

Demo Download

gRanger.js is a very small JavaScript plugin to generate a range slider control for min/max input fields.

6. slider.js

Gradient Slider Control In Pure JavaScript – slider.js

Demo Download

slider.js is a minimal JavaScript library to enhance and beautify the default range slider control with custom styles and extra functionality.

7. Range.js

Beautiful Custom Range Slider With JS – Range.js

Demo Download

Range.js is a lightweight vanilla JavaScript library to create slim, custom range sliders from regular text fields.

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