7 Best Range Slider Replacement Libraries

This is a unique and up-to-date list of 10 best JavaScript libraries (plugins) to replace, beautify, and enhance the default browser range slider (Input Range Object) with ease. Have fun.

7. d3RangeSlider


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d3RangeSlider is a lightweight JavaScript range slider plugin which allows to pick a range of numeric values via drag and drop. Depending on the latest D3.js library.

6. Rangebar.js


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Rangebar.js is a vanilla JavaScript library (ES5/6 compatible) for rendering slim, nice, horizontal or vertical range sliders on your web applications. Supports both single and multiple sliders.

5. Pretty Range Input Replacement with JavaScript and CSS/CSS3

Pretty Range Input Replacement

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A Javascript & CSS/CSS3 based range replacement created by thebabydino to create a pretty range slider with gradient bar, glowing effect and metal handler.

4. Ranger


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Ranger is a lightweight, ES6 compatible JavaScript library used for creating an elegant, animated range slider with custom labels and scales.

3. rangeSlider

Responsive & Touch-enabled Range Slider In Vanilla JavaScript - rangeSlider

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rangeSlider is a pure Vanilla JavaScript library that convert regular Html5 range inputs into responsive, mobile-friendly range slider UI controls.

2. multirange


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multirange is a tiny JavaScript polyfill for HTML5 ‘multiple’ range input, with support for Keyboard accessible and customizable slider / handle styles.

1. Simple Flat Html5 and CSS3 Range Slider

Simple Flat Html5 and CSS3 Range Slider

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Converts Html5 input type=range into a nice flat styled range slider built on top of pure CSS/CSS3.