Circular Progress Bar Component With JavaScript – progress-bars.js

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Circular Progress Bar Component With JavaScript – progress-bars.js


progress-bars.js is a X-Tag powered web component used for creating animated, customizable, circular progress bar to indicate the loading status.

How to use it:

Include both X-Tag core library and the progress-bar.js script on the webpage when needed.

<script src="/path/to/x-tag-core.min.js"></script>
<script src="/path/to/progress-bars.js"></script>

Create a circular progress bar and config it with the following attributes:

  • progress: Gets or sets the progress
  • circlesize: Gets or sets the width and height of the circle
  • barsize: Gets or sets the size of the bar
  • circlebackground: Gets or sets the hexadecimal color for the circle backgorund
  • barcolor: Gets or sets the color of the bar
  • filledcolor: Gets or sets the color of the bar when it is filled
  • progressStringFormat: Gets or sets a string informing how the progress should be displayed. It must contain the following string to be replaced as the progress: {p}.
  • displayTextWhenDone: Gets or sets a value indicating if the donetext should replace the progress of the bar when it’s set to 100%
  • donetext: Gets or sets the text that should be displayed when the progress is set to 100%
  • isundeterminated: Returns zero (0) if the bar is set as defined and one (1) if the bar is set as undefined
  • setUndeterminated(isUndeterminated): Sets the bar as defined or undefined
<circular-progress-bar id="bar-1" barcolor="#EE5C42" filledcolor="#8B3626" progressStringFormat="Progress: {p}%" displayTextWhenDone="false"></circular-progress-bar>


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