Convert Images & Videos To ASCII Art – aalib.js

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Convert Images & Videos To ASCII Art – aalib.js


aalib.js is a dependency-free JavaScript library that automatically converts images and videos into static or moving ASCII art.

Install it via NPM:

$ npm install aalib.js --save

How to use it:

Install and import the aalib.js library into your project.

<script src="aalib.js"></script>

Convert an image into ASCII Art:"sample.png")
  .pipe(aalib.aa({ width: 200, height: 160 }))
  .pipe(function (el) {

Convert an HTML5 video into ASCII art using canvas:

<video src="sample.mp4" controls></video>
<canvas id="video-scene"></canvas>"video"))
  .pipe(aalib.aa({ width: 165, height: 68 }))
      width: 696,
      height: 476,
      el: document.querySelector("#video-scene")



  • v2.0.0

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