Cross-browser Notification Bar Library – jackbox.js

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Cross-browser Notification Bar Library – jackbox.js


jackbox.js is an extremely lightweight JavaScript library used to display a variety of notification bars that will auto dismiss with inner countdown indicators.

How to use it:

Load the core JavaScript file jackbox.js just before the closing body tag.

<script src="jackbox.js"></script>

Load the OPTIONAL JavaScript file jackbox.polyfills.js for cross-browser support.

<script src="jackbox.polyfills.js"></script>

Initialize the Jackbox and you’re ready to go.


Create notification bars as follows:

Jackbox.success('Im a success message')"
Jackbox.warning('Im a warning message')"
Jackbox.error('Im an error message')"
Jackbox.information('Im an information message')"

By default the notification bars will auto dismiss after 5 minutes. You can change the timeout by passing the options as the second parameter to the Jackbox object.

var notificationCustomSettings = {
    time : 20
Jackbox.information('Im an info message',notificationCustomSettings)

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