Stackable Notification Bar Library – notify.js

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Stackable Notification Bar Library – notify.js


The notify.js JavaScript library lets you create responsive, stackable, dismissable notification bars with sounds support.

How to use it:

Load the style.css file that provides the default CSS styles for the notification bars.

<link href="style.css" rel="stylesheet">

Load the JavaScript file notify.js in the webpage when needed.

<script src="notify.js"></script>

This library provides 3 types of notification bars from which you can choose for your web applications:

// Success message
// Auto dismiss after 2 seconds
Notify.Success('Success Message!', 2000);
// Error message
// Auto dismiss after 5 seconds
Notify.Error('Error Message!', 5000);
// Warning message
// Auto dismiss after 10 seconds
Notify.Warning('Warning Message!', 10000);

Config the notification bars by overriding the default settings as shown below:

Notify.Settings = {
  soundsOff: false,
  sounds: {
    success: 'sounds/success,\ warning/1.mp3',
    warning: 'sounds/success,\ warning/3.mp3',
    error: 'sounds/errors/1.mp3'
  animDuration: {
    success: 4000,
    warning: 4000,
    error: 4000



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