Customizable Notification Popup Library For JavaScript – Awesome Notifications

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Customizable Notification Popup Library For JavaScript – Awesome Notifications


Awesome Notifications is a standalone JavaScript library to create animated, customizable notification popups on the web page.


  • Modal style notifications.
  • Toast style notifications.
  • Supports HTML content.
  • Confirm & alert dialogs.
  • Auto dismisses after a certain timeout.
  • Countdown progress bar.
  • Font Awesome based icons.
  • Info/Success/Warning/Alert themes.
  • Async support.

How to use it:

Install & Import:

$ npm install awesome-notifications --save
// ES 6
import AWN from 'awesome-notifications';
// CommonJS:
const AWN = require('awesome-notifications');

For browser, Include Font Awesome and the Awesome Notifications’ stylesheet in the head section of the page.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="">
<link href="dist/style.css" rel="stylesheet">

Include the  Awesome Notifications’ JavaScript in the page when needed.

<script src="dist/index.var.js"></script>

Initialize the Awesome Notifications library with default options. To config the library, pass the options (see below) as on object to the AWN() function.

var notifier = new AWN();

Create your own notification popups with the following JavaScript syntax.

// basic 
notifier.tip('Message here');
// info message'Message here');
// success message
notifier.success('Message here');
// warning message
notifier.warning('Message here');
// alert messages
notifier.alert('Message here');
// confirm dialog
notifier.confirm('Are you sure?', okFunc, cancelFunc);
// modal window with custom css class
notifier.modal('<h2>Your custom title</h2><p>Your custom text</p>', 'custom-class-name')
// async toast
notifier.async(promise, onResolve, onReject, html)
// shows loader and blocks the screen
notifier.asyncBlock(promise, onResolve, onReject, html)

Default options to customize the notification popup.

maxNotifications: 10,
animationDuration: 300,
position: "bottom-right",
labels: {
  tip: "Tip",
  info: "Info",
  success: "Success",
  warning: "Attention",
  alert: "Error",
  async: "Loading",
  confirm: "Confirmation required",
  confirmOk: "OK",
  confirmCancel: "Cancel"
icons: {
  tip: "question-circle",
  info: "info-circle",
  success: "check-circle",
  warning: "exclamation-circle",
  alert: "exclamation-triangle",
  async: "cog fa-spin",
  confirm: "exclamation-triangle",
  prefix: "<i class='fa fas fa-fw fa-",
  suffix: "'></i>",
  enabled: true
replacements: {
  tip: null,
  info: null,
  success: null,
  warning: null,
  alert: null,
  async: null,
  "async-block": null,
  modal: null,
  confirm: null,
  general: {
    "<script>": "",
    "</script>": ""
messages: {
  tip: "",
  info: "",
  success: "Action has been succeeded",
  warning: "",
  alert: "Action has been failed",
  confirm: "This action can't be undone. Continue?",
  async: "Please, wait...",
  "async-block": "Loading"
formatError(err) {
  if (err.response) {
    if (! return '500 API Server Error'
    if ( {
      return => o.detail).join('<br>')
    if (err.response.statusText) {
      return `${err.response.status} ${err.response.statusText}: ${}`
  if (err.message) return err.message
  return err
durations: {
  global: 5000,
  success: null,
  info: null,
  tip: null,
  warning: null,
  alert: null
minDurations: {
  async: 1000,
  "async-block": 1000


v3.1.3 (03/31/2022)

  • DEPRECATION WARNING: $saturation: Passing a number without unit % (0) is deprecated.

v3.1.2 (09/29/2020)

  • update

v3.1.1 (04/22/2020)

  • Removed error which was displayed when you create new toast at the end of old toast’s animation.

v3.1.0 (12/10/2019)

  • New method closeToasts. It closes all visible toasts.

v3.0.5 (11/30/2019)

  • Removed error which was displayed when you get rejected promise

v3.0.4 (11/28/2019)

  • Removed comma between buttons in confirmation window

v3.0.3 (06/26/2018)

  • add option to hide cancel btn in confirm

v3.0.2 (05/08/2018)

  • Added: Keyup listeners for popups
  • async-block now rejects all keydowns
  • popup now removes focus on open. Tab key and its combination keydowns are being omitted to keep focus trapped. Esc key closes the window
  • confirm now set focus to OK button on open. Tab key and its combination keydowns are handled to keep focus inside the window.Esc key closes the window
  • Added: afterDelete method to elem class


  • v3.0.1: position option now works as expected

v3.0.0 (04/26/2018)

  • Added: Optional options paramater for every public method. It used to override global options per call.
  • Added: Durations settings for each toast separately. It’s available under options.durations property.
  • Added: Minimum durations settings for each async element. It’s available under options.minDurations property.
  • Added: New default function which formats errors. It’s available under options.formatError property.
  • Added: Now all messages passed to alert() method will be formatted by options.formatError.
  • Added: All toasts and popups methods, now return HTMLElement which was created by them.
  • Added: New default messages. It’s available under options.messages
  • Added: Enhanced design for toasts and popups.
  • Added: Brand new handsome and detailed documentation.
  • Added: New JS bundle for modern browsers.
  • Added: _addToast method
  • Added: _addPopup method
  • Added: _afterAsync method
  • Added: _responseHandler method, which is specific for _afterAsync
  • Added: container getter
  • Added: Webpack compress bundles to gzip format
  • Changed: New library gzipped sizes: 4kb – default bundle, 3kb – modern bundle.
  • Changed: Now icons are use Font Awesome 5 by default.
  • Changed: html parameter of all elements, now named message. It’s no longer mandatory.
  • Changed: options.modal.okLabel to options.labels.confirmOk
  • Changed: options.modal.okLabel to options.labels.confirmCancel
  • Changed: options.modal.okLabel to options.labels.confirmCancel
  • Changed: options.asyncBlockMinDuration to options.minDurations[“async-block”]
  • Changed: options.duration to
  • Changed: options.handleReject to options.formatError
  • Changed: Internal name of Modal class changed to Popup
  • Changed: Change browserlist setting for default bundle
  • Changed: Rename defaults.js file to options.js
  • Changed: Rename modal.js file to popup.js
  • Removed: notify method
  • Removed: _runFunction method
  • Removed: _getContainer method
  • Removed: options.modal.maxWidth property, use CSS instead
  • Now NPM dist contains index.var.js


  • v2.2.9

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