Minimal Date Picker Calendar In Pure JS – pureJSCalendar

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Minimal Date Picker Calendar In Pure JS – pureJSCalendar


A pure JavaScript calendar component allows the user to select a date from a clean calendar popup. Without any dependencies.

How to use it:

Download and import the pureJSCalendar’s files into the html file.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/calendar.css">
<script src="scripts/pureJSCalendar.js"></script>

Create an input filed to store the selected date.

<input type="text" id="example">

Open the calendar and save the selected date in the input field you just created.

//, x, y, firstDayOfWeek, minDate, maxDate, element, zindex)'dd.MM.yyyy', 20, 30, 1, '2018-5-5', '2019-8-20', 'example', 20)

Close the calendar.




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