Draggable & Maximizable Dialog Window In Pure JavaScript – WindowJS

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Draggable & Maximizable Dialog Window In Pure JavaScript – WindowJS


WindowJS is a standalone JavaScript library to create responsive, fully customizable dialog windows with resize/move/maximize/minimize capabilities.

How to use it:

Load the minified version of the WindowJS’ files in the HTML page.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="window.css">
<script src="window.js"></script>

Create a new dialog window instance.

const win = new Window("Dialog Title", {
      // options here

Insert content to the dialog window.

win.content.innerHTML = '<p>Dialog Window Here</p>';

Assign a unique ID to the dialog content.

win.content.id = "myContent";

Apply custom styles to the dialog window.

win.content.style.styleName = "value";

Possible options to customize the dialog window.

  • icon: dialog icon
  • minimize_icon: minimize icon
  • maximize_icon: maximize icon
  • normalsize_icon: normalize icon
  • close_icon: close icon
  • size: the size of the dialog (default: {width: 200, height: 150})
  • position: the position of the dialog (default: center of the parent)
  • selected: if is selected or not
  • min_size: min size (default: {width: 200, height: 150})
  • max_size: max size(default: {})
  • events: the events for the dialog
  • bar_visible: shows top bar
  • resizable: if is resizable
  • movable: if is movable
  • maximizable: if is maxmimizable
  • minimizable: if is minimizable
  • always_on_top: always on the top of screen
  • container: container element (default: document.body)
  • window_state : the state of the window: SHOWN, MINIMIZED, HIDDEN (default: SHOWN)
  • close_action: the action to perform on close: Window.DISPOSE_ON_CLOSE Window.HIDE_ON_CLOSE Window.DO_NOTHING_ON_CLOSE (default: Window.DISPOSE_ON_CLOSE)

API methods.

// reloads the modal

// sets the title

// gets the current title

// gets the container

// changes the options
win.changeOption(option, value);

// gets the options

// changes the current state

// gets the current state

// changes the dialog state
// HOWN / MINIMIZED / HIDDEN (WindowState)

// gets the current dialog state

// normalizes the dialog

// checks if is normalized

// maximizes the window

// checks if is maximized

// toggles between normal size and maximized

// shows the dialog

// checks if is shown

// minimizes the dialog

// checks if is minimized

// hides the dialog

// checks if is hidden

// checks if is visible

// gets the size of the dialog

// gets the position of the dialog

// event listeners
win.on(event, callback); 
// removes the event listener

// resets the dialog

// closes the dialog

// destroy the dialog

Event handlers.

  • change_title: Triggered after the title is changed. Parameters: {old_title, new_title}
  • reload: Triggered after reloaded
  • resize_start: Triggered when starting resizing
  • resize_stop: Triggered after the resize is stoped
  • resize: Triggered on resize
  • move_start: Triggered when starting moving
  • move_stop: Triggered after the move is stoped
  • move: Triggered on move
  • change_state: triggered after the state is changed. Parameters: {old_title, new_title}
  • change_window_state: triggered after the window state is changed. Parameters: {old_window_state, new_window_state}
  • update_size: Triggered after the window size changes. Parameters: {old_size, new_size}
  • update_selected: Triggered after the window selection changes
  • select: Triggered after the window is selected
  • deselect: Triggere after the window is deselected
  • minimize: Triggere after the window is minimized
  • normalSize: Triggere after he window is normal-sized
  • maximize: Triggere after the window is maximized
  • hide: Triggere after the window is hidden
  • show: Triggere after the window is shown
  • update_position: Triggere after the window position changes. Parameters: {old_position, new_position}
  • reset: Triggere after the reset function is invoked
  • closing: Triggere after the window is closed; if the callback return false, the window is not closed
  • closed: Triggere after the window is closed
  • disposing: Triggere before the window is disposing; if the callback return false, the window is not disposed
  • disposed: Triggere after the window is disposed
  • init: Triggere after window is initialized for the first time
  • maximizing: Triggere before the window is maximized; if the callback returns false, the window is not maximized
  • minimizing: Triggere before the window is minimized; if the callback return false, the window is not minimized

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