WAI-ARIA Compliant Dialog Box In JavaScript – a11y-dialog

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WAI-ARIA Compliant Dialog Box In JavaScript – a11y-dialog


a11y-dialog is a pure JavaScript plugin to create fully accessible dialog boxes with custom styling and event handling.

Based on the native <dialog> element.


$ npm install a11y-dialog --save

How to use it:

1. Import the a11y-dialog.

// ES module
import A11yDialog from 'a11y-dialog'
// Browser
<script defer src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/a11y-dialog@8/dist/a11y-dialog.min.js"></script>

2. Create the dialog box following the html structure as follows:

  <!-- Dialog overlay -->
  <div data-a11y-dialog-hide></div>
  <!-- Dialog -->
  <div role="document">
    <!-- Close button -->
    <button type="button" data-a11y-dialog-hide aria-label="Close dialog">
    <!-- Dialog title -->
    <h1 id="your-dialog-title-id">Your dialog title</h1>
    <!-- Dialog content here -->

3. Create an element to toggle the dialog box. Note that the ‘data-a11y-dialog-show’ has to match the dialog ID.

<button data-a11y-dialog-show="myDialog">open the dialog</button>

4. The necessary styling for the dialog to work.

.dialog[aria-hidden="true"] {
  display: none;

5. The extra dialog styling to make it shiny.

.dialog-overlay {
  position: fixed;
  top: 0; 
  right: 0; 
  bottom: 0; 
  left: 0;
.dialog-container {
  z-index: 2;
  display: flex;
.dialog-overlay {
  background-color: rgb(43 46 56 / 0.9); 
.dialog-content {
  margin: auto; 
  z-index: 2;
  position: relative;
  background-color: white;

6. Initialize the a11y-dialog via JavaScript.

const element = document.getElementById('your-dialog-id')
const dialog = new A11yDialog(element)

7. API methods.

// Show the dialog
// Hide the dialog
// Unbind click listeners from dialog openers and closers and remove all bound
// custom event listeners registered with `.on()`
// Bind click listeners to dialog openers and closers

8. Event handlers.

myDialog.on('show', function (dialogEl, event) {
  // Do something when dialog gets shown
  // Note: opener is `event.currentTarget`
myDialog.on('hide', function (dialogEl, event) {
  // Do something when dialog gets hidden
  // Note: closer is `event.currentTarget`
myDialog.on('destroy', function (dialogEl) {
  // Do something when dialog gets destroyed
myDialog.on('create', function (dialogEl) {
  // Do something when dialog gets created
  // Note: because the initial `create()` call is made from the constructor, it
  // is not possible to react to this particular one (as registering will be
  // done after instantiation)


v8.0.4 (10/03/2023)

  • Try/catch a new DOM query which could fail in unsupported browsers

v8.0.3 (10/02/2023)

  • Consider open popovers when pressing ESC

v8.0.2 (09/30/2023)

  • Respect ignore-focus attribute when shown via focus event

v8.0.1 (08/09/2023)

  • Update

v8.0.0 (07/24/2023)

  • The library now longer supports Internet Explorer
  • Pseudo-private properties prefixed with an underscore (e.g. _id) are no longer prefixed, and marked as private in TypeScript instead
  • All events now go through cancellable DOM CustomEvent objects instead of a custom event system, and the event listener signature has change
  • The focus trap now accounts for Shadow DOM
  • The focus trap now accounts for summary elements
  • The focus trap no longer considers children of disabled fieldset elements as focusable
  • The focus trap no longer considers elements within disabled, inert and hidden parents as focusable
  • The code has been rewritten in TypeScript
  • The code now leverages ES6 syntax such as classes, optional chaining operator and arrow functions
  • The dist folder is no longer part of the repository, only the source files remain
  • Click events are now listened to at the document level
  • The focus-trap event listener is now bound on the dialog container instead of the body element
  • The auto-instantiation of dialogs has been simplified but remains functionally unchanged

v7.5.2 (12/20/2020)

  • Updated to the latest version

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