Touch-enabled Drag And Drop JavaScript Library – DragDropTouch

Category: Drag & Drop , Javascript | November 13, 2019
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Touch-enabled Drag And Drop JavaScript Library – DragDropTouch


DragDropTouch is a JavaScript polyfill that enables the native HTML5 drag and drop functionality on mobile touch devices.

The DragDropTouch library listens to touch events and raises the appropriate HTML5 drag/drop events as if the events had been caused by mouse actions.

It means that the users are able to change the position of any draggable DOM elements via mouse and/or touch events.

How to use it:

To use, include the DragDropTouch.js file on the page. The library will automatically start monitoring touch events and will raise the HTML5 drag drop events (dragstart, dragenter, dragleave, drop, dragend) which should be handled by the application.

<script src="DragDropTouch.js"></script>

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