Display Estimated Reading Time Of An Article – reading-time.js

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Display Estimated Reading Time Of An Article – reading-time.js


reading-time.js is a small JavaScript plugin to display the estimated time to read an article, blog post or any text block based on the custom words per minute.

How It Works:

  • Select all the paragraphs in element: article.detail-wrapper p
  • Split the innerHtml of the current paragraph to count the words.
  • Add ‘Reading time:’ label.
  • Split text by spaces to define total words.
  • Define words per second based on words per minute.
  • Define total reading time in seconds.
  • Define the reading time.
  • Define the remaining reading time seconds.
  • Show the estimated reading time in minutes.

How to use it:

1. Load the main JavaScript right before the closing <body> tag.

<script src="reading-time.js"></script>

2. Create elements to display the estimated reading time and word count.

<div class="reading-time">
  <span class="reading-time__label"></span>
  <span class="reading-time__duration"></span>
  <span class="reading-time__word-count"></span>

3. Add the CSS class detail-wrapper to your article & blog post.

<article class="detail-wrapper">
  <p>Para 1</p>
  <p>Para 2</p>
  <p>Para 3</p>

4. Initialize the plugin and define the words per minute to calculate the reading time.

// ReadingTime(numberWordsPerMinute, readigTimeLabel, minutesLabel, wordsLabel, lessThanAMinuteLabel)
document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', (event) => {
  new ReadingTime(270, 'Reading time:', 'min', 'words', 'Less than a minute');

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2 thoughts on “Display Estimated Reading Time Of An Article – reading-time.js

  1. Larry Mutonga

    there is an issue with this line of code wrongly written
    it should be else {
    document.querySelector(“.reading-time__duration”).innerHTML = lessThanAMinuteLabel;
    else {
    document.querySelector(“.reading-time_duration”).innerHTML = lessThanAMinuteLabel;


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