Fancy CSS Only Animations – Mimic.css

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Fancy CSS Only Animations – Mimic.css


Mimic.css is a CSS library that provides a collection of 18 unique, pretty animations based on pure CSS/CSS3.

How to use it:

Just load the minified version of the Mimic.css library in the document and we’re ready to go.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="/path/to/mimic.min.css">

Add the CSS class ‘animated’ and an animation class name of your choice to the element you want to animate.

<div class="animated Animation-CSS-Name">
  Element To Animate

Animations (CSS classes) included:

  • boomerang
  • swivelChair
  • gettinInYoFace
  • airplanePropeller
  • pulsate
  • candleInTheWind
  • highlighter
  • lawnMower
  • bungee
  • nope
  • heartBeat
  • sleepyEyes
  • plummit
  • dropItLikeItsHot
  • gettinLifted
  • glaucoma
  • chameleon
  • backdrop

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