Feature-rich Growl Notification Library – MsgPop

Category: Javascript , Notification | November 24, 2016
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Feature-rich Growl Notification Library – MsgPop


MsgPop is a simple, zero-dependency JavaScript notification plugin that lets you display nice, clean and customizable growl-style messages on the screen.

How to use it:

Include the MsgPop’s files along with the Font Awesome iconic font on the webpage.

// CSS Files
<link href="/path/to/font-awesome.min.css" rel="stylesheet">
<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/msgPop.css">

// JS Files
<script src="js/msgPop.js"></script>

The JavaScript to show a basic ‘Success’ notification message on the screen.

  Content:"Your content here!"

Global Settings.

// toggle full screen messages or small
MsgPop.displaySmall = true;

// "top-left", "top-right", "bottom-left" or "bottom-right"
MsgPop.position = "top-right";

// number of messages to display before showing the "Load More" button
MsgPop.limit = 4

// number of milliseconds all animated effects take to complete
effectSpeed = 350

Message settings and callback functions.


  // (message : success : error : warning)
  Type: "message",        

  // (force : auto) -- force: user will have to click to close
  AutoClose: true,          

  //  only applies to auto. Sets the timer in milliseconds before box closes
  CloseTimer: 7000,         

  // (true : false) -- true: user clicks anywhere on message to close -- false: user must click "X" to close
  ClickAnyClose: true,        

  // (true : false) -- show / hide close button
  HideCloseBtn: false,        

  // Fires when the message has fully opened
  BeforeOpen: null,   

  // Fires when the message begins opening
  AfterOpen: null,  

  // Fires when the message begins to close
  BeforeClose: null,        

  // Fires when the message has closed
  AfterClose: null,         

  // Show / Hide icon next to message 
  ShowIcon: true,         

  // Sets message ID for this specific call
  MsgID: msgPopMessageID,       

  // Adds additional css classes to the message
  CssClass: "",         

  // Default Icon
  Icon: null            

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