A JavaScript GDPR Plugin For Google Analytics – Trackless

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A JavaScript GDPR Plugin For Google Analytics – Trackless


A great tool to make your website comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GRPD).

Trackless is a small yet useful JavaScript plugin to make your Google Analytics GDPR compliant.

The plugin lets you create Trackless button and checkbox that allows your visitors to opt-in and opt-out of Google Analytics on your website.

More resources about GDPR:

How to use it:

Install the Trackless with NPM or Yarn.

# Yarn
$ yarn add trackless
$ npm install trackless --save

Import the Trackless.

// ES 6
import Trackless from 'trackless';

Or include the compiled file in the head section of the webpage, before your Google Analytics code.

<script async src="https://unpkg.com/trackless@1"></script>

Create a new instance and specify the tracking ID.

const myTrackless = new Trackless({ 
      trackingID: "TRACKING ID HERE" 

Bind the Trackless to any element with the class of ‘trackless’.


Create elements to opt-in and opt-out of Google Analytics.

<input class='trackless' type='button'>
<a href='#' class='trackless'></a>
<input class='trackless' type='checkbox'>
<label>Tracking enabled</label>

Available configuration options.

const myTrackless = new Trackless({ 
      // Prompt text
      optOutText: "Don't track me",
      optInText: "Enable tracking",
      // Initial opt-out value 
      initialOptOut: false,
      // Override opt-out value. 
      // If true, sets the stored preference to the initialOptOut value. 
      // Use this if, for example, you have a logged-in user and want to sync the preference between devices.
      overrideOptOut: false,
      // Invert the behaviour of checkboxes. 
      // By default, a checkbox is checked if the user is not opted-out. 
      // Set this to true so that it is checked if the user is opted-out.
      invertCheckbox: false,
      // Called when opt-out value is changed. 
      // Passed the new opt-out value.
      callback: function(value){}

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