GitHub-like HTML Diff Tool – diff2html.js

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GitHub-like HTML Diff Tool – diff2html.js


diff2html.js is a tiny JavaScript library used to create a Github-style HTML diff tool with syntax highlighting for git diff output.


# Yarn
$ yarn add diff2html
$ npm install diff2html --save

How to use it:

Include the diff2html.js and other required resources on the web page.

<!-- diff2html files -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="">
<script src=""></script>

Basic usage.

document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', () => {
  var diffHtml = global.Diff2Html.html('<Unified Diff String>', {
      // options here
  document.getElementById('destination-elem-id').innerHTML = diffHtml;

Available configurations with default values.

  // the format of the input data: 'diff' or 'json', default is 'diff'
  inputFormat: 'diff',
  // show a file list before the diff
  drawFileList: '',
  // the format of the output data: 'line-by-line' or 'side-by-side'
  outputFormat: 'line-by-line', 
  // show a file list before the diff: true or false,
  showFiles: false,
  // 'lines' for matching lines, 'words' for matching lines and words
  matching: 'none',
  // similarity threshold for word matching, default is 
  matchWordsThreshold: .25
  // perform at most this much comparisons for line matching a block of changes
  matchingMaxComparisons: 2500,
  // maximum number os characters of the bigger line in a block to apply comparison
  maxLineSizeInBlockForComparison: 200
  // only perform diff changes highlight if lines are smaller than this
  maxLineLengthHighlight: 10000,
  // object with previously compiled templates to replace parts of the html
  templates: {}
  // object with raw not compiled templates to replace parts of the html
  rawTemplates: {},
  // render nothing if the diff shows no change in its comparison
  renderNothingWhenEmpty: false


v3.4.24 (01/07/2023)

  • update

v3.4.22 (11/01/2022)

  • bugfix

v3.4.20 (10/24/2022)

  • update dependencies

v3.4.10 (09/02/2022)

  • fix: Remove display block to allow hidding file contents

v3.4.8 (07/24/2022)

  • Update dependencies

v3.4.3 (04/09/2022)

  • Fix installation

v3.4.2 (04/05/2022)

  • Update

v3.3.0 (03/05/2022)

  • Bypass parsing/rendering of file diff if specific threshold is crossed

v3.2.0 (03/05/2022)

  • Allow collapsing viewed files

v3.1.7 (05/09/2020)

  • Update

v3.1.6 (03/15/2020)

  • Update

v3.0.0beta (02/06/2020)

  • Update

v2.12.2 (12/29/2019)

  • Fix side-by-side line spacing

v2.12.2 (12/29/2019)

  • Fix side-by-side line spacing

v2.12.1 (06/21/2019)

  • Updated

v2.10.0 (06/21/2019)

  • Add configuration option maxLineSizeInBlockForComparison to configure max line size to do comparisons per block. This options helps avoiding OOM in blocks with large line (e.g.: minified files).

v2.8.0 (05/02/2019)

  • Fix linenumber scroll

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