Flexible Interactive Data Table In Pure JavaScript – JSTable

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Flexible Interactive Data Table In Pure JavaScript – JSTable


JSTable is a tiny, flexible, powerful data table library to make your HTML table interactive with sorting, filtering, and pagination functionalities.

Inspired by Vanilla-DataTables and DataTables jQuery plugin.

Works both with static HTML table and dynamic tabular data stored on the server-side (JSON, PHP, etc).

How to use it:

1. Add JSTable’s JavaScript and Stylesheet to the webpage.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="jstable.css" />
<script src="jstable.min.js"></script>

2. Load optional polyfills if your visitors are still using legacy browsers.

<script src="polyfill-babel.min.js"></script>
<script src="polyfill-promise.min.js"></script>
<script src="polyfill-fetch.min.js"></script>

3. Initialize the JSTable on your existing HTML table and done.

<table id="example">
      <td>Rhona Carey</td>
      <td>Northern Mariana Islands</td>
      <td>2020-03-12 03:47:43</td>
new JSTable("#example");

4. Or load tabular data from an external data source via AJAX as follows:

new JSTable("#example", {
      serverSide: true,
      deferLoading: 1000,
      ajax: 'data.json', 
      ajaxParams: {
        // ajax params here

5. Determine how many rows to display per page. Default: 5.

new JSTable("#example", {
    perPage: 5,
    perPageSelect: [5, 10, 15, 20, 25]

6. Customize the pagination controls.

new JSTable("#example", {
    nextPrev: true,
    firstLast: false,
    prevText: "&lsaquo;",
    nextText: "&rsaquo;",
    firstText: "&laquo;",
    lastText: "&raquo;",
    ellipsisText: "&hellip;",
    truncatePager: true,
    pagerDelta: 2,

7. Enable/disable the table filter functionality. Default: true.

new JSTable("#example", {
    searchable: false

8. Enable/disable the table sort functionality. Default: true.

new JSTable("#example", {
    sortable: false

9. You’re also allowed to specify the options for each column:

new JSTable("#example", {
    columns: [
        select: 3,
        sortable: true,
        searchable: true
        sort: "asc",
        render: function(cell, idx){
          // custom render function 

10. Or by using data attributes:

<table id="example">
      <th data-sortable="false">Name</th>
      <th data-sort="asc">Country</th>

11. Override the default CSS classes.

new JSTable("#example", {
    top: "dt-top",
    info: "dt-info",
    input: "dt-input",
    table: "dt-table",
    bottom: "dt-bottom",
    search: "dt-search",
    sorter: "dt-sorter",
    wrapper: "dt-wrapper",
    dropdown: "dt-dropdown",
    ellipsis: "dt-ellipsis",
    selector: "dt-selector",
    container: "dt-container",
    pagination: "dt-pagination",
    loading: "dt-loading",
    message: "dt-message"

12. Customize the display text.

new JSTable("#example", {
    labels: {
      placeholder: "Search...",
      perPage: "{select} entries per page",
      noRows: "No entries found",
      info: "Showing {start} to {end} of {rows} entries",
      loading: "Loading...",
      infoFiltered: "Showing {start} to {end} of {rows} entries (filtered from {rowsTotal} entries)"

13. Customize the layout.

new JSTable("#example", {
    layout: {
      top: "{select}{search}",
      bottom: "{info}{pager}"

14. Event handlers.

const myTable = new JSTable("#example");

myTable.on("init", function () {
  // on init
myTable.on("update", function () {
  // when the data is updated
myTable.on("getData", function (dataRows) {
  // when the data is processed
myTable.on("fetchData", function (serverData) {
  // when the data is fetched from the server
myTable.on("search", function (query) {
  // after filtering
myTable.on("sort", function (column, direction) {
  // after the data is sorted
myTable.on("paginate", function (old_page, new_page) {
myTable.on("perPageChange", function (old_value, new_value) {


v1.2 (05/16/2021)

  • Update dependencies and change how table cells are rendered


  • Add paginate function

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  1. momo

    same as this example
    https://jsfiddle.net/andrebertonha/xk4hwvo7/30/ “,
    but i don’t want use this code, not match my project.
    Can it add boolean buttons for filter data?
    Can it click next page, go to top side first?
    Can it just using pagination function, for simple click paginate number then open html page directly?

    1. James Anderson

      You can add boolean buttons. Just type in boolean MAGIC=”(null)”


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