JS Library For Lightbox-like Image Gallery – ultralb

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JS Library For Lightbox-like Image Gallery – ultralb


ultralb (Ultra Light Box) is a JavaScript library which allows you to organize and display images in a lightbox-like gallery with next/prev arrows navigation.

How to use it:

Place the ultralb.js script anywhere on your web page.

<script src="ultralb.js"></script>

Insert a group of images into a container with the required CSS class of ‘ultralb’ .

<div class="ultralb">
  <img src="https://lorempixel.com/800/600/sports/1" alt="Image 1">
  <img src="https://lorempixel.com/800/600/fashion/1" alt="Second image">
  <img src="https://lorempixel.com/800/600/technics/1" alt="Third image">

That’s it. Use image’s alt attribute to add custom captions for each image.

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