String to Acronym Conversion with Acronymer.js

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String to Acronym Conversion with Acronymer.js


Acronymer is a small JavaScript library that makes creating acronyms from strings easy.

It handles various formatting scenarios, including hyphenated phrases, punctuation, and common stop words.

How it works:

The acronymer library follows a systematic approach to generate acronyms from input strings. Here’s how it works:

1. It sanitizes hyphenated words by replacing hyphens with spaces using the hyphenSanitizer function.

2. The punctuationSanitizer function removes all non-word characters (excluding spaces) from the input.

3. Common stop words like ‘a’, ‘an’, ‘and’, ‘the’, etc., are removed using the stopWordSanitizer function.

4. The remaining words are split into an array.

5. For each word in the array:

  • If the word contains only alphabetic characters, the library checks if it has two capital letters. If so, both capital letters are added to the acronym.
  • If the word has more than two capital letters, only the first capital letter is added to the acronym.
  • If the word has no capital letters, the first character is capitalized and added to the acronym.

6. Finally, the concatenated acronym is returned.

How to use it:

1. Import the acronymer with NPM.

$ npm install acronymer

2. Import the acronymer into your project.

import acronymer from 'acronymer';

3. Use the acronymer(string) function to transform strings into concise acronyms. Make sure that the input is a non-empty string with at least one alphanumeric character. The function will throw an error if the input is invalid.

// CSC
console.log(acronymer('CSS Script Com'));
// CSC
console.log(acronymer('CSS-script Com'));
// CSC
console.log(acronymer('CSS Script,Com'));
// JC
console.log(acronymer('Javascript and CSS'));


v1.0.1 (05/17/2024)

  • update dependency

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