Super Simple JavaScript Message Toaster – toast.js

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Super Simple JavaScript Message Toaster – toast.js


toast.js is a super simple JavaScript library that shows Android-style toast messages on your web applications. The toast message will destroy itself in a given amount of time.

How to use it:

Load the necessary toast.js JavaScript library in your project.

<script src="toast.js"></script>

Display a basic toast message on your web application.

iqwerty.toast.toast('Hello World!');

Custom the duration. This toast message will auto-dismiss after a timeout (5000 ms).

const options = {
      settings: {
        duration: 5000,
iqwerty.toast.toast('Hello World!', options);

Style the toast message.

const options = {
      style: {
        main: {
          background: "#222",
          color: "#fff",
iqwerty.toast.toast('Hello World!', options);

Hide the toast message manually.



  • API changed


  • Fix IE toast position

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