Tiny Toast Notification JavaScript Library

Category: Javascript , Notification | August 12, 2018
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Tiny Toast Notification JavaScript Library


tiny-toast is a standalone JavaScript library for displaying Android toasts-like notification messages on the webpage.

How to use it:

Add the tiny-toast’s script to your webpages.

<script src="tiny-toast.js"></script>

Show a basic toast notification message on your screen.

tinyToast.show('Hello World')

Hide the message after 2000ms.


Change the default styles of the toast notification message.

style.color = '#333'
style.position = 'fixed'
style.bottom = '0em'
style.right = '1em'
style.backgroundColor = '#7FFFD4'
style.borderRadius = '5px'
style.borderWidth = '1px'
style.borderColor = '#73E1BC'
style.borderStyle = 'solid'
style.padding = '1em 2em'
style.zIndex = 1000



  • feat(style): allow custom CSS style adjustment

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