Non-blocking Toast Notification Library – Tostada

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Non-blocking Toast Notification Library – Tostada


The Tostada JavaScript library lets you create clean, stackable, non-blocking toast notification messages using pure JavaScript.

By default the toast notification will display at the bottom right of the webpage and auto dismisses after 1.95 seconds.

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How to use it:

Download and link to the JavaScript library tostada.js:

<script src="lib/tostada.js"></script>

Initialize the library and specify the position you want to place the toast notifications.

const t = new Tostada({
      position: 'bottom-right'

Show the notification message and specify the timeout in milliseconds. MESSAGE HERE, {
  displayTime: 3000

Apply your own CSS styles to the notification message. MESSAGE HERE, {
  style: {
    // CSS here

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