Vanilla Growl Notification JavaScript Library – VYN

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Vanilla Growl Notification JavaScript Library – VYN


Vanilla-Yo-Notification(VYN) is a modern vanilla JavaScript library to create growl- and toast-style notifications on the web app.

How to use it:


$ npm install vanilla-yo-notification --save

Import the Vanilla-Yo-Notification.

// ES 6
import VYN from 'vanilla-yo-notification';
// CommonJS:
const VYN = require('vanilla-yo-notification');

Initialize the vanilla-yo-notification.

var vyn = new VYN();

Create a new notification with custom title, footer, and content.{
  title: 'Notification Title',
  content: 'Notification message',
  footer: 'Notification footer'

Override the default timeout. By default, the notification message will automatically dismiss after 3000ms.{
  timeout: 3000

Override the default position of the notification message.{
  position: ['bottom', 'right']

Specify the notification type.{
  type: 'success', // or warning, error

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