Basic Calendar Date Picker In JavaScript – date-picker.js

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Basic Calendar Date Picker In JavaScript – date-picker.js


A basic yet customizable date picker calendar component without any dependencies.

How to use it:

1. Put the stylesheet date-picker.css and JavaScript date-picker.js in the html.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="./src/css/date-picker.css" />
<script src="./src/js/date-picker.js"></script>

2. Code the HTML for the calendar interface.

<div class="container-calendar">
  <div class="button-container-calendar">
    <button id="previous">&#8249;</button>
    <button id="next">&#8250;</button>
    <h3 id="monthHeader"></h3>
    <p id="yearHeader"></p>
  <table class="table-calendar" id="calendar">
    <thead id="thead-month"></thead>
    <tbody id="calendar-body"></tbody>
  <div class="footer-container-calendar">
    <label for="month">Jump To: </label>
    <select id="month">
      <option value=0>Jan</option>
      <option value=1>Feb</option>
      <option value=2>Mar</option>
      <option value=3>Apr</option>
      <option value=4>May</option>
      <option value=5>Jun</option>
      <option value=6>Jul</option>
      <option value=7>Aug</option>
      <option value=8>Sep</option>
      <option value=9>Oct</option>
      <option value=10>Nov</option>
      <option value=11>Dec</option>
    <select id="year"></select>       

3. Create a container to display the date you picked.

<p id="date-picked"></p>

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4 thoughts on “Basic Calendar Date Picker In JavaScript – date-picker.js

  1. Ejaz


    I have used this Basic Calendar in my application but i am getting error please help me out thanks….

    CustomControlSite.cpp, 1051, Unable to set property ‘innerHTML’ of undefined or null reference (0x80040008)
    My sample application: date-picker.js, 29, Unable to set property ‘innerHTML’ of undefined or null reference (0x80040008)

    1. Henlo

      Hello, this error is typical if you not applied the following html code shown in description.
      JS need this html elements to display the calendar data and styling.


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