Simple Interactable Notifications For Web App – ahNotification.js

Category: Javascript , Notification | April 30, 2021
Author: ahmadhayyan
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Simple Interactable Notifications For Web App – ahNotification.js


A simple, lightweight notification library that provides 4 types of flash messages with custom action buttons for web applications.

How to use it:

1. Insert the ahNotification.js JavaScript library into your webpage.

<script id="ahNotification" src="ahNotification.min.js"></script>

2. Display a notification popup on the screen using the popupNotification method.. The first parameter is used to specify the notification type:

popupNotification('Info', 'Info messages');
popupNotification('Success', 'Success messages');
popupNotification('Warnings', 'Warning messages');
popupNotification('Error', 'Error messages');

3. Create a confirmation popup.

popupNotification('Warnings', 'Are You Sure?', true, myFunction);

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