JavaScript Library For Tweetable Web Content – InlineTweet.js

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JavaScript Library For Tweetable Web Content – InlineTweet.js


InlineTweet.js is a pure JavaScript library which turns any inline text content into customizable tweetable quotes/links. Helpful to share specified web content on

Basic usage:

Download and include the inlinetweet.js library on the webpage.

<script src="src/inline-tweet.js"></script>

Wrap the web content you want to share into an inline element with the ‘data-inline-tweet’ attribute.

<span data-inline-tweet>Content goes here</span>

That’s it. You can also customize the twitter share links using html5 data-* attributes as these:

<span data-inline-tweet       
      Content goes here

Style the tweetable links whatever you like.

[data-inline-tweet] a {   

[data-inline-tweet] a span {   

[data-inline-tweet] a:hover span {   

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