Material Design Style Context Menu Replacement – context-menu.js

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Material Design Style Context Menu Replacement – context-menu.js


context-menu.js is a zero-dependency JavaScript library that creates a pretty clean, highly customizable context menu as you right-click on the page.

How to use it:

1. Insert the JavaScript context-menu.js and Stylesheet context-menu.js into the document.

<link href="context-menu.css" rel="stylesheet">
<script src="context-menu.js"></script>

2. Code your menu structure in the JavaScript. The menu structure consists of a theme and a list of items. Each item consists of an icon (requires Font Awesome), a name and an action to perform on click.

const menu = new ContextMenu({
      'theme': 'default', // or 'blue'
      'items': [
        {'icon': 'envelope', 'name': 'jQuery',  action: () => console.log('jQuery')  },
        {'icon': 'download', 'name': 'Script',  action: () => console.log('Script')  },
        {'icon': 'trash',    'name': 'Net', action: () => console.log('Net') },

3. Code the context menu open function.

function openContextMenu(evt){
  // prevent default event
  // open the menu with a delay
  const time = menu.isOpen() ? 100 : 0;
  // hide the current menu (if any)
  // display menu at mouse click position
  setTimeout(() => {, evt.pageY) }, time);
  // close the menu if the user clicks anywhere on the screen
  document.addEventListener('click', hideContextMenu, false);

4. Code the context menu close function.

function hideContextMenu(evt){
  // hide the menu
  // remove the listener from the document
  document.removeEventListener('click', hideContextMenu);

5. Attach the context menu to your document or a container element you specify.

document.addEventListener('contextmenu', openContextMenu, false);

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