Promise Confirmation Dialog In Pure JavaScript – ExConfirmBox

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Promise Confirmation Dialog In Pure JavaScript – ExConfirmBox


ExConfirmBox is a lightweight, zero-dependency JavaScript plugin to create custom promise confirmation dialogs on the webpage.

Fully customizable and easy-to-style in the JavaScript. Without any CSS.

How to use it:

Import the JavaScript file ‘exConfirm.js’ into the document and you’re ready to go.

<script src="exConfirm.js"></script>

Set the title & confirm message.

var configOpt = {
    title: "Sample Title!",
    message : "Sample Query?"

Activate the confirmation dialog with confirm/cancel callbacks.

exConfirmPromise.make(configOpt).then(function (e) {
  // do something
}).then(function () {
  exConfirmPromise.make(configOpt).then(function (e) {
    // do something

Customize the appearance of the confirmation dialog.

var configOpt = {
    zIndex: 9999, //Integer
    overlayBackground: "rgba(255,255,255,0)", //String [HEX, RGB, RGBA]
    bodyBackground: "rgba(255,255,255,1)", //String [HEX, RGB, RGBA]
    bodyBorder: "2px solid #1c84ef", //String
    titleBackground: "rgb(28, 132, 239)", //String [HEX, RGB, RGBA]
    textColor: "#000000", //String [HEX, RGB, RGBA]
    titleColor: "#ffffff", //String [HEX, RGB, RGBA]
    btnPosition: "right", //String [left, center, right]
    top: "5%", //String [px, %]
    right: "38%", //String [px, %],
    disableForceFocus : false

Enable/disable the animation.

var configOpt = {
    animation: true, //Bool
    animationTime: 500 //Integer        

Customize the confirm/cancel buttons.

var configOpt = {
    btnClassSuccess: "btn btn-default btn-sm btn-sm-25px", //String
    btnClassSuccessText: "Yes", //String
    btnClassFail: "btn btn-default btn-sm btn-sm-25px", //String
    btnClassFailText: "No", //String      

Event handlers.

var configOpt = {
    onResolve: function(){},
    onReject: function(){},          



  • Added disableForceFocus, onResolve, onReject


  • Update exConfirm.js

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One thought on “Promise Confirmation Dialog In Pure JavaScript – ExConfirmBox

  1. Fisy

    How do I check if a var is empty?

    I have this function and wanted to implement it using ExConfirmBox:

    function choose() {

    var chosen = document.getElementById(“anelementbyId”).value;

    if(chosen == “”) {

    if (confirm(‘Some message…’)) {
    return true;

    else {
    document.getElementById(“anotherelementbyId”).style.pointerEvents = “auto”;
    document.getElementById(“anotherelementbyId”).style.opacity = “100”;


    Thanks in advance.


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