Performant Large JSON Viewer In Vanilla JavaScript

Category: Javascript | March 23, 2019
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Performant Large JSON Viewer In Vanilla JavaScript


The Big JSON Viewer enables you to efficiently renders large JSON data in a collapsible, beautify tree view.

Basic usage:

Install the Big JSON Viewer.

$ npm install big-json-viewer  --save

Import the module.

import { BigJsonViewerDom, BigJsonViewerOptions } from 'big-json-viewer';

Render the JSON data you provide as follows:

  test: 23,
  someArray: [45, 2, 5, true, false, null]
})).then(viewer => {
  const node = viewer.getRootElement();


Possible options to customize the JSON viewer.


  // the maximum number of nodes
  objectNodesLimit: 50, 
  arrayNodesLimit: 50,

  // if true the label for every node will show the full path to the element
  labelAsPath: false 


v0.1.7 (03/23/2019)

  • Allow undefined and any types

v0.1.6 (01/16/2019)

  • Fix search and add tests

v0.1.5 (01/15/2019)

  • Fix event dispatching and collapse of objects

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