Popup Option Picker With Vanilla JavaScript – pickout

Category: Form , Javascript | August 15, 2018
Author: ktquez
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Last Update: August 15, 2018
License: MIT


Popup Option Picker With Vanilla JavaScript – pickout


pickout is a Vanilla JavaScript library to enhance the default select box that allows you to select an option from a popup box. Also supports option filtering.

How to use it:

Load the pickout.css to style the picker popup.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="pickout.css">

Load the pickout.js at the end of the webpage.

<script src="pickout.js"></script>

Enable the pickout on a target select box.


Pass the options to the pickout.


  // target select box

  // 'dark' or 'theme'
  theme: 'dark', 

  // filterable
  search: true


v2.0 (08/15/2018)

  • Bugfix

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