Reveal Text With Scrambling Effect – shuffle-letters.js

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Reveal Text With Scrambling Effect – shuffle-letters.js


shuffle-letters.js is a text animation JavaScript library for shuffling/scrambling text before revealing it.

How to use it:

1. Install and import the shuffle-letters with NPM.

$ npm i shuffle-letters --save
import shuffleLetters from 'shuffle-letters';

2. Or load the shuffle-letters.js from a CDN.

<script src=””></script>

3. Initialize the shuffle-letters on the target element. That’s it.

<h1>shuffle-letters.js Examples</h1>

4. You can also animate the text to another…

shuffleLetters(document.querySelector('h1'), {
  text: 'Yet another title',

5. Trigger a function after the animation has finished.

shuffleLetters(document.querySelector('h1'), {
  onComplete: el => {
    // ...

6. Config the scrambling effect.

shuffleLetters(document.querySelector('h1'), {
  // number of times the characters will be shuffled
  iterations: 8,
  // the amount of frames per second
  fps: 30,

7. Clear the shuffled text.



v1.1.0 (08/21/2023)

  • Separate digits from letters in the shuffle process. This makes the effect more predictable and consistent.

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