Simple HTML5 Star Rating System – SimpleStarRating.js

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Simple HTML5 Star Rating System – SimpleStarRating.js


SimpleStarRating.js is a lightweight JavaScript library used for generating a simple, easy-to-customize star rating system without any 3rd dependencies and icon fonts.

How to use it:

Place the SimpleStarRating.css and SimpleStarRating.js into your html page as follows:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="SimpleStarRating.css">
<script src="SimpleStarRating.js"></script>

Create an empty element to place the star rating system.

<span class="rating"></span>

You can also specify the initial rating value using ‘data-default-rating’ attribute.

<span class="rating" data-default-rating="2.5"></span>

Initialize the star rating system. It will render a basic 5 star rating system inside the element you just created.

var ratings = document.getElementsByClassName('rating');

Specify the number of rating stars you want to use.

<span class="rating" data-stars="10"></span>

Style the rating stars.

.rating {

API methods.

  • disable: Disables the rating from being changed
  • enable: Reenables interactivity
  • setCurrentRating: Changes the current (user-selected) rating (data-rating) and displays it
  • setDefaultRating: Changes the default rating (data-default-rating) and displays it

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3 thoughts on “Simple HTML5 Star Rating System – SimpleStarRating.js

  1. Remzo

    It all looks good. What do you mean by “initialize the star rating system?”

  2. DannyW

    It isn’t mentioned, by some strange reasons, but to initialize it you should write:
    var ratings = document.getElementsByClassName(‘rating’)[0];

    author’s example can’t work.


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