Simple Plain Popup Box With Vanilla JavaScript – smile-alert

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Simple Plain Popup Box With Vanilla JavaScript – smile-alert


smile-alert is a native JavaScript library helps you create simple clean dialog boxes to replace the default JavaScript alert/confirm boxes.

How to use it:

Place the smile-alert’s JS and CSS files into the html page.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="smile-alert.css">
<script src="smile-alert.js"></script>

Create a basic alert box.

alert('demo1 title');

Create an alert box with more text messages.

alert('this is title','show message');

Create a confirmation dialog with confirm/cancel buttons.

var options = {
    cancel          : true,
    cancelText    : 'cancel',
    cancelCallBack  :function(event){
    delay           :0,
    confirm       : true,
    confirmText   : 'confirm',
    confirmCallBack : function(event){
alert('demo 3','show message',options);

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