Toast/Popup/Modal/Dialog JavaScript Library – JSFrame.js

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Toast/Popup/Modal/Dialog JavaScript Library – JSFrame.js


JSFrame.js is a multifunctional JavaScript library used for creating floating windows, modal popups, and even toast notifications with custom styles.

More features:

  • Easy to style using your own CSS.
  • Resizable and draggable.
  • Support HTML and iFrame content.

Basic usage:

Install & download.

$ npm install jsframe.js --save

Import the ‘jsframe.js’ into your document.

<script src="/path/to/jsframe.js"></script>

Create a new jsframe instance.

const myWindow = new JSFrame();

Create a popup window with the following parameters:

const myPopup = myWindow.create({
      // unique name
      name: 'my-window-name',
      // window title
      title: 'Window0',
      // position
      left: 20,
      top: 20,
      // width/height
      width: 320,
      height: 220,
      // min width/height
      minWidth: 160,
      minHeight: 100,
      // enable draggable
      movable: true,
      // enable resizable
      resizable: true,
      // custom styles
      style: {
        backgroundColor: 'rgba(220,220,220,0.8)',
        overflow: 'auto',
      // HTML content to present
      html: 'Contents',
      // or iframe content
      url: 'content01.html',
      // callback
      urlLoaded: (frame) = {}



  • Bugfix


  • Bugfix

v1.6.5 (07/10/2023)

  • Bugfix

v1.6.2 (06/11/2020)

  • Update build

v1.6.0 (04/30/2020)

  • Make it easy to use the childMenu when it is displayed when a frame component is clicked.
  • Fixed If there are multiple frame components with childmenu, the correct childmenu will not be opened when the frame component is clicked.
  • Use event-listener-helper instead of listeners starting with “on” like “onclick” to limit the eventListener to one.

v1.6.0 (04/27/2020)

  • Supports cloning with arguments in the buildImageButtonAppearance method call.

v1.5.16 (03/07/2020)

  • remove unneeded dependencies

v1.5.15 (03/06/2020)

  • fix vulnerability of building tools

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