10 Best Date And Timer Pickers In Pure JavaScript

The date and time picker is a useful and commonly used component in modern web design.

Here’s a constantly updated list of the 10 best JavaScript and/or CSS based Date and Time Picker components we published on CSSScript.com.

With these components, your users are able to quickly and simply select dates and times for a specific input field.

I hope you like it and don’t forget to spread the world.

Originally Published Nov 23 2017, updated Nov 14 2019

Top 10 Date And Timer Picker Components:

1. Flat Style JavaScript Date Picker – flatpickr


Demo Download

flatpickr is a super simple JavaScript library which enables the visitor to pick a date from a flat, clean, customizable calendar.

2. Highly Customizable Date and Time Picker with Rome.js

Highly Customizable Date and Time Picker with Rome.js

Demo Download

Rome.js is a simple to use JS library for appending a highly customizable date & time picker on your input field when clicked/focused on.

3. salsa-calendar

Simple Standalone JS Date Picker – salsa-calendar

Demo Download

salsa-calendar is a simple, standalone JavaScript library created to generate date (range) pickers for hotel booking applications.

4. Hello Week

Hello Week

Demo Download

A beautiful, Material Design styled datetime picker component which allows you select date and time from a modal popup. Based on Materialize CSS framework.

5. lightPick

Flexible Date Range Picker With Moment.js - lightPick.js-min

Demo Download

lightPick.js is a JavaScript library to lets you create a flexible, customizable, multi-language, user-friendly date range picker component using moment.js.

6. Minimal Date Picker Calendar In Pure JS – pureJSCalendar

Minimal Date Picker Calendar In Pure JS - pureJSCalendar-min

Demo Download

A pure JavaScript calendar component allows the user to select a date from a clean calendar popup. Without any dependencies.

7. simplePicker

Material Inspired Date & Time Picker - simplePicker-min

Demo Download

simplePicker is a vanilla JavaScript plugin to create Material Design inspired date picker with time picker integrated.

8. tail.DateTime


Demo Download

The tail.DateTime JavaScript library lets you create beautiful, mobile-compatible, multi-language date and/or time picker on the web app.

9. Touch-friendly Clock Time Picker Plugin – clocklet


Demo Download

clocklet is a simple, configurable, touch-friendly time picker plugin written in pure JavaScript.

10. Window Date Picker

Beautiful Responsive Date & Time Picker Library - Window Date Picker

Demo Download

A beautiful, flexible, responsive, multi-language, multi-theme date & time picker library implemented in pure JavaScript.

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